Casting Defects: Hot Tearing

One of the main casting defects is hot tearing or hot cracking, or hot shortness. Irrespective of the name, this phenomenon represents the formation of an irreversible failure (crack) in the still semisolid casting. Although in most works hot tearing is considered as a phenomenon linked to the inadequate compensation of solidification shrinkage by melt flow in the presence of thermal stresses, there are more factors that could be involved in the formation of cracks at supersolidus temperatures.

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The Rheo Casting Process

Defects and anomalies are an everyday challenge within the framework of foundry technologies. As demand for castings with very specialized applications rises, the issue of quality becomes more important.
The Rheo Casting process involves using slurry in a semi solid state with the amount of benefits directly linked to the fraction solid at the time of casting. Advantages can include a reduction in shrinkage and significantly reduced latent heat.
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